The Best IPTV Services

The Best IPTV Services


IPTV is now among the leading streaming services, but it’s not easy choosing the best one! Consider this article as a guide for choosing the best IPTV services to run on all the major and supported streaming platforms.

We’re a huge part of the streaming generation, where everyone who’s anyone, is trying to gain access to the best streaming services. I’ve reviewed and shortlisted only the best, most affordable and user-friendly IPTV services.

This will fit into all your unanswered questions like “Is is accessible anywhere?”, “Is it affordable?”, or “How to I use the best IPTV services safely?” Read on and find out more!

Table of contents

  • The best IPTV services
  • How to choose the best IPTV services
  • Is it legal to use IPTV services?
  • Which is the best VPN for IPTV?

The best IPTV services

If you’re trying to best the best streaming experience using an IPTV service, then consider going for one of these top choices. They’ve been picked based on performance, content variety, majority vote, and easy access worldwide. You can easily find the apps on the Google Play Store or on the Amazon App Store.

Using one of these IPTV services is best for viewing countless channels, Live TV, and more! Below you’ll find a little description to get you better acquainted with these top services.  Also, check out the installation of Thunder TV IPTV here.

1. Sapphire Secure

This IPTV service is one of the more affordable options, starting at $5.00/mo. It opens doors to more than 4000+ channels, providing top-quality international content in HD and SD streaming quality.

You can find channels like ESPN Plus, US News, Adult Channels, UK News, US Entertainment, and a lot more. You’ll have an easy time scoring the Sapphire Secure app, since the service is compatible with all the major platforms. Some of these include Firestick and Android devices (mobiles, Boxes, Smart TVs etc.)

One of the best features about this IPTV services is that even after viewing Live TV content, it allows you to re-load the same content a few days after it had been aired. Using the Sapphire Secure IPTV service, you can catch up to a maximum of 12 channels.

Other notable Sapphire Secure features include a built-in EPG feature (Electronic Program Guide) allowing you to search for particular content, a multi-screening feature allowing you to load 4 channels in a go. There’s no Geo-IP locks, allows only 1 connection, M3U URL allowing 3rd party players, allows access through remote control and a lot more!

The only downside is that there are no VOD services available.

2. The Players Klub

The Players Klub is one of the more popular IPTV services. Unlike Sapphire Secure, it ships around 3000+ live channels, and 15,000+ movies/ 1000+ TV shows for VOD services. You can get all that in the most reasonable package of $7/mo. for the yearly subscription.

On The Players Klub IPTV service, you’ll be provided with numerous channels with HD streams in 1080p and 720p quality. Some of these channels include Music HD, NBA League Pass, USA Sports, Canadian TV, Adult Channels, USA Kida, Latino and Spanish TV, and others.

Another plus point is that this IPTV service is compatible with many devices and OS, some of which include Firestick, Android, Kodi, Android Box, Smartphones and much more!

The Players Klub IPTV service has rendered some of the fastest download speeds, no-buffering issues, a weekly update of Pay Per View Channels, and an inbuilt EPG feature, so that you’ll always be up to date with all the US, UK and CA new arrivals.

Lastly, this IPTV service offers a 7-day refund policy. It’s kind of like a limited-day trial period, with full premium access. However, you’ll have to ask for a refund before the 7-days end.

3. Sportz TV

Next on the list, we have Sportz TV IPTV. Looking at the word sports you’d automatically assume that it’s all that the service provides. However, that’s not the situation! You’ll have around 6000+ channels to access, both in HD and SD quality! I guess that’s pretty reasonable for its cheapest monthly rate of $9.95.

This service allows you two connections for its value price (depending on what package you choose) and provides channels like ESPN Networks, VIP PPV, USA News, 24/7 Kids, Adults Only, International Sports and many more. You can Sideload this service on compatible and supported devices. Some of these include Firestick, Android TV, smart phones, Smart TVs etc.

Some of the features or highlights that Sportz TV comes with involve allowing you to catch up with certain movies or TV shows, a few days after its airing. The service comes with VOD channels, but they’re very limited.

Other Sportz TV features include an in-built EPG or a program guide, M3U URL deliverance, user-friendly app with remote control facilitation, and multi-screening option. It also allows third-party players, and has PPV (pay per view) sports event options and more.

The only downside to this IPTV service according to me is that receiving a refund is a little sketchy. But, for that you’ll have to go through their straightforward and transparent guidelines thoroughly.

4. Beast TV

Beast TV offers a wide range of channels, to be more specific around 2000+ live channels from the US, UK, CA and with inclusion on Latino genres. You can get all this with the extension of 3 connections for its most affordable price of $11.66/mo. for its yearly plan, in HD and SD quality.

With a Beast TV subscription, you can access numerous channels like News Channels, Kids Corner, Adult content, Sports News and Live events, and other regional content from all over the US, UK and Canada. You can access this IPTV service using its app on multiple supported platforms like Firestick (including 4th generation), Smart TVs, smart phones (Android and iOS), Android TVs, Kodi and a lot more.

Beast TV stands out from the rest mainly because it provides both Pay per View and Video on demand services. It also promotes a Catch Up feature, allowing you to go through content 3 days after its screening. Other features include EPG, an interface that is remote-control friendly, M3U URL support, and much more.

The downside is that you won’t be able to access this great services app on either the Google Play or Amazon App Stores. There’s another way to get it but you’ll have to use a VPN.

5. Expedite TV

Next we have Expedite TV on the list of best IPTV services. Its best discounted rate is of $59 for 3-months, which saves you around $13, when compared to the monthly rates of $24. Compared to the other providers on my list, the number of channels that Expedite TV provides is far less. It offers around 800+ channels from the US, UK and CA, all of which render HD streams.

It provides a number of channels some of which include sports, the news, adult and kids content.  also supports VOD movies, which fall under the categories of comedy, horror, family, fantasy and more. The reason why Expedite stands out, is that is offer 5 connections, which can be run on supported platforms such as Firestick and Android devices, Apple TV, Mac, Windows and more.

To highlight a few of the Expedite TV features, it comes with EPG feature, doesn’t lock your IP, offers Pay per View, promotes a M3U URL option, and allows you to catch up on previously aired live shows for a few days after.

Besides the 3-month discounted package, Expedite TV also offers a 24-hour free trial without providing any credit card details, and also offers a 30-day refund policy. However, always go through its terms and conditions before getting started, since they’re inclined to change the policies.

6. Pluto TV

Last on the list for best IPTV services we have Pluto TV. It’s placed on the last spot mainly because it’s a free service. But, as every free service has a negative point, Pluto TV’s is that it comes with annoying ads and a limited number of channels. However, that’s still good enough for free services.

It has around 100+ channels containing not the latest, but, a good amount of movies, sports channels, comedy central, gaming, TV shows and more. Pluto TV is pretty flexible with device compatibility, allowing you to utilize the IPTV service on FireTV, Apple TV, other Smart TVs, Android and iOS smart phones, and a lot more, which you can look into through their website.

Considering the fact that Pluto TV is a free IPTV service, you’re looking into a very restricted list of features, which includes EPG and. You’ll easily find its app on the Google Play and Amazon App Stores.

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How do you choose the best IPTV services?

Choosing IPTV services is the same as choosing a smartphone. Before settling for one, you obviously have a set idea in mind of all the reasons you’d need one, specific uses for it, and mainly the cost.

Only then will you go ahead and invest in the most suitable phone for you. Similarly, when choosing IPTV services, you have to go through the specs; showing you exactly what the service offers and whether or not it’s within your budget.

Here’s how I picked the best IPTV services:

  • IPTV services that offer the best price
  • Besides price, it should come with more than one package option to choose from. Some require services by the month, while others opt for yearly packages.
  • IPTV services that offer a wide variety and number of channels to choose from.
  • Other feature like EPG allowing you to scan through channel or movie availability, PPV and VOD services etc.
  • Should be compatible with VPNs, particularly when using third party player apps or sideloading methods.
  • IPTV services that come with more than one device connection.
  • Speaking of devices, the IPTV app should be compatible with a variety of devices or operating systems.
  • The service should render good HD streaming quality.

Is it legal to use IPTV services?

It honestly depends on the service you choose. Some IPTV services are legal while others aren’t. Neither I nor FireTVsticks can verify which service is legal and which one isn’t. However, a quick way to determine whether either of the services are legal, you can do so by looking up its apps on the Google Play Store or the Amazon App Store. If not, then contact the provider itself, go through its policies and do a little digging! Although I wouldn’t advise you to go ahead with illegal downloads, but if you’re planning on skipping these processes, I’d suggest you use a VPN for it.

Can I use a free IPTV service?

You can, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Free services always come with major flaws. There are only a couple of the best free IPTV services for Firestick that are authentic, like Pluto TV.

Which is the best VPN for IPTV?

There are many VPN services in the industry, but to choose the best one for IPTV services, you’re going to need one with the best privacy and security features, good speeds, a safe jurisdiction, wide server coverage, and one that is compatible with IPTV service devices or operating systems. I’d suggest you go for a top provider like ExpressVPN. It even comes with a 7-day free trial for iOS and Android phones and a 30-day refund for multiple devices.

To conclude

So, there you have it; the list of best IPTV services. This list is your next stop to the most thrilling IPTV experience. It ranges from plenty of channels for you to choose from, and with the provision of a free service like Pluto TV, which is the safest free choice.

You’ll find a lot of providers in the market, and you’ll find other websites that have a huge list of option for you to choose from. However, you need to be aware of the fact that the list on this particular article is based on which IPTV service is still functional. There are many top providers that aren’t functional at the moment, or not available until further notice.

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