The Best IPTV Apps for Android and iOS Devices: Our Top Picks

16 Best IPTV Apps for Android and iOS in 2023

Best IPTV Apps for Android and iOS :When we talk about online streaming, the term International Protocol Television (IPTV) is used often. But most people don’t have an idea about this cord-cutter service. If you don’t know much about it don’t feel bad. Because you are not the only one. Most of us knowingly or unknowingly have been taking advantage of IPTV streams for years. Therefore, a paradigm shift in traditional broadcast methods can be experienced. IPTV is the major role player in shrinking traditional broadcasting modes like cable, satellite TV, etc.



But what is an IPTV how are we using it?

Let’s begin this article by answering the most basic question:

What is IPTV?

To understand things better, let’s think of IPTV as IP and TV. Where IP stands for Internet Protocol and TV is the acronym for television. Together they make Internet Protocol Television a.k.a. IPTV.

Here, instead of getting the broadcast signals from the traditional medium the content is streamed or downloaded via the internet connection. In simple words we can say, the process of transmitting and broadcasting television signals and programs via the internet is IPTV.

Don’t get confused IPTV is slightly different from digital video accessed by millions on YouTube. It gives viewers the added advantage of choosing the shows they would want to watch whenever they want. IPTV sends shows and movies through a standard internet connection. This means instead of broadcasting a show at a specific time like no-IPTV, IPTV will use video on demand (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services) or time-shifted media (limited shelf life).

Now that we have understood what an IPTV is and how it works. Let’s move to know about best IPTV apps for iPhone and Android in 2023.

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Best IPTV Apps for Android TV, Mobile Devices and iOS in 2023

Your search for dedicated IPTV app ends here. We’ve curated a list of top IPTV apps that you can use on both Android and iOS. These apps have all the features that the best IPTV should have. Using the listed apps, you will be able to watch your favourite TV shows and movies whenever and wherever you want.

Features for the best IPTV Apps for Android and iOS

  • Easy user Interface.
  • Support casting media like Chromecast, Fire TV Stick, and others
  • Suited to play videos through URL and M3U Playlist formats
  • Option to record videos or watch later should be present
  • Should play local media
  • Parental control
  • Price
  • VPN compatibility
  • Number of connections and channels provided
  • Availability of Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Payment options
  • Customer support
  • Accessibility to premium sports channels

Best IPTV Apps – Android and iOS

So, what you are waiting for let’s go through the list and check the best IPTV apps for Android and iOS you can use and enjoy IPTV this 2023.

1. Ottplayer – Your IPTV in one playlist

ottplayer logo

Watch your favorite shows with your loved ones at home or at any place that has Internet access. Ottplayer is one of the best IPTV players as it is a handy video streaming app designed to work with latest platforms like iOS, Android, Samsung SMART TV. Using it you can collect all your IPTV in one place, adjust channel order, receive a program guide, etc. Furthermore, you can upload and edit playlists, add/ delete channel groups.

Features: Ottplayer

  • Support M3U playlists,
  • Support HLS, RTSP, TS by UDP, RTMP streaming formats
  • Customize channel icons
  • Easy syncing on all devices
  • Ad-free
  • Easy playlist management

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 2. IPTV Strike

IPTV Strike

Are you a sports fan? Yes, this is the right and best IPTV app 2023 for you. IPTV strike as the name suggests allows you to stream your favourite live HD sport. Not only this, using this IPTV app for Android and iOS you can enjoy more than 1500 movies and watch TV shows. All VOD are updated on a daily basis, offers powerful streaming servers to avoid any freezing.

Features: IPTV Strike

  • 24/7 live chat, customer support
  • Supports MAG, Dreamlink T1, Avov, Android WebTV, Kodi
  • HD & SD quality content
  • Stable service provider

 3. GSE Smart IPTV Pro – Advanced IPTV Solution for Android and iOS

GSE Smart IPTV Pro – Advanced IPTV solution for Android and iOS

A complete user-defined Advanced IPTV solution that supports multiple playlist formats from M3U to XTREAM – CODES API. Using it you can watch non-live stream services like M3U, JSON, etc. This best IPTV app for Android and iOS is a solution for all your requirements. Furthermore, it offers GSE playlist manager to manager playlist on iOS platform. Users can even download HTTP remote playlist to local playlist. Besides, GSE Smart IPTV Pro offers dynamic language support feature, you can view playlist content, etc.

Features: GSE Smart IPTV Pro

  • Built-in player support all popular formats including RTMP tokens
  • Supports Chromecast, Xtream Codes API
  • Automatic live and VOD playlist including EPG
  • Supports parental control
  • Copy and paste M3U content
  • Dynamic language switching, multiple themes

 4. IPTV – Smarters

IPTV – Smarters

Watch live TV, Series, video on demand (VOD) on your Android devices with this incredible video streaming player. This best IPTV app is easy to use, it features built-in powerful player. This means you don’t need a third-party player to support any formats. With this, IPTV Smarter you can do live streaming and watch VOD. To use it you only need an internet connection with at least 5MBs.

Features – IPTV Smarter:

  • Supports Xtream Codes API
  • Supports loading M3U files/ URL
  • Supports EPG, parental control
  • Built-in player
  • Supports dynamic language switching, embedded subtitles

 5. rIPTV – best IPTV app for Android and iOS

rIPTV logo

Stream your playlist on either Android or iOS using rIPTV. This best IPTV app turns your device into a TV. You can choose what you wish to watch and enjoy it on your iOS and Android devices. This amazing app offers Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to import your import IPTV playlist allowing you to know what’s on-air, choose what to see later, add reminders for the show you love and let rIPTV do the rest. This VLC based app will let you enjoy your favorite show in HD quality. Just copy and paste the playlist URL into the app to create your personal television.

Features: rITPV

  • Available on tvOS
  • IMDB integration so that you can know everything about movies
  • Today extension so that you don’t miss an event.

 6. Wiseplay – IPTV app for Android

Wiseplay – IPTV app for Android

Play local videos hosted in remote serves on Wiseplay – IPTV app for Android. This free multi-platform multimedia best IPTV player is compatible with many video formats and playing list. Using it you can cast content from mobile device to TV using Chromecast. Moreover, you can convert any video from your gallery in real time into an incredible Virtual Reality experience. Wiseplay IPTV app best IPTV player for Android lets you explore your favourite websites without ads. Alongside you can load a video link directly to take advantage of the player.

Feature: Wiseplay

  • Supports all popular video formats.
  • Load lists in w3u and m3u formats directly from a file, or scanning a QR code
  • Cast compatible content to your TV using Chromecast
  • Play videos in 3D or Virtual Reality format

 7. Lazy IPTV – TV technology-based IPTV app

Lazy IPTV – TV technology-based IPTV app

Opposite of what implies by the name this IPTV player Android is one of the best IPTV apps. It provides amazing services and supports formats like M3U, Zip, XSPF, etc. Moreover, adding content to Lazy IPTV is very easy. Simply access the content through local files and paste the URLs. Lazy IPTV work with both HTTP and UDP streams. This IPTV app allows you to watch YouTube directly into the app. Its built-in audio player is amazing and using you can list to all the internet radio channels.

Features: Lazy IPTV

  • Supports M3u playlist
  • Allows adding playlist from device file system from Internet
  • Using built in audio player you can listen to the internet radio
  • Supports various udp-proxies
  • Support auto update playlist
  • Customizable main screen
  • Backup/restore application settings

 8. IPTV Player – view technology-based IPTV

IPTV Player – view technology-based IPTV

Cast your videos, watch your favourite shows, movies with this best IPTV player for Android. This IPTV player for android 2023 allows you to add stream URL (m3u, m3u8, mp4, etc.) or authorize the app to list your local videos. Moreover, using IPTV Player you can stream data using Android TV.

Features: IPTV Player

  • PIP support (Picture in Picture)
  • Bounce back to play after a stream failure
  • Supports XMLTV, Android TV, M3U playlists
  • Fast zapping player
  • M3U8, MP4, MPD, MKV, WEBM, MP3 formats support
  • Support Chromecast

 9. Perfect Player IPTV – Set-top box style IPTV app

Perfect Player IPTV – Set top box style IPTV app

Perfect IPTV players for Android will help watching videos on TVs, tablets, and smartphones. The only drawback of this Perfect IPTV app for Android is, it doesn’t contain any channels. To add a playlist head to settings. In addition to this, you will be able to use different Decoder settings.

Features: Perfect IPTV

  • Local file watching from SD card, USB etc.
  • Supports M3U, XSPF
  • Supports EPG formats
  • Scalable OSD renders
  • IPTV watching with channels groups, logos and EPG

10. Simple IPTV Player – Simple to use

Simple IPTV Player – Simple to use

Simple IPTV Player is IPTV standard compliant and is also compatible with M3U, M3U8, WPL, PLS, playlist standards. Moreover, this best IPTV player for Android supports Android TV and Remote Control so that you can use it on Box TV without any problems. This best IPTV app for Android is simple to use and is compatible with Chromecast.

Features: Simple IPTV Player

  • EPG – Programming Guide.
  • Compatibility with ChromeCast Devices, Easy Connection!
  • Put your Favourite Channels with just one tap!
  • A List with all recent Channels accessed (You can clean it anytime!)
  • A List with all recently used Playlists (Clean when you want!)
  • Did not like Internal Player? Watch the External Player you want!
  • Automatic Playlist update, you do not have to keep checking if the Playlist has been updated, the app does it for you!
  • Checking Online / Offline items, the system checks to see if the Channel is Online or Offline!

11. Smart IPTV

Smart IPTV

Smart IPTV app is an Android app for IPTV. However, it doesn’t contain any channels you have to add your own to use it. You can try it for free for a limited time but using Smart IPTV app you cannot lock group or channel

Features: Smart IPTV

  • M3U and XSPF playlists support
  • Playlists history
  • Playing multicast streams with UDP proxy (proxy need to be installed in your LAN)
  • Grid, list or tile view of TV channels
  • EPG support in XMLTV and JTV formats
  • Internal and external video players

12. LiveNet TV – well known Android app

Live Net TV

LiveNetTV is a great app to enjoy watching TV channels for free. It is designed for Android users but can be installed on a PC running Mac, Windows, and Linux. This best IPTV player provides 800+ Live TV channels and contains a vast collection of movies in the VOD section. Once you have this app you’ll never miss your dish connection or TV. Moreover, this IPTV app offers a live sports event section using which you can watch different sports events. The app also supports Chromecast and offers separate categories for religious and kids’ programs.

Features: LiveNet TV

  • Free to use IPTV app
  • Live sports section for sports lovers
  • Provides 800+ Live TV channels
  • Country-wise and category wise division of TV channels
  • Easy to use IPTV app for Android users
  • Most channels offer high-definition content
  • Supports Chromecast
  • VOD section contains animates and regional language movies

13. Rockstreams – Affordable IPTV app

Rockstreams is one of the best IPTV service providers that charge no extra cost or tax. However, to watch each video you need to pay but this is okay as you know for what you are paying. This IPTV service can be easily installed on Kodi and you can also upload your content on Rocket streams. The best thing about this best IPTV app is that you live stream international sports, movies, etc without paying extra.

Features – Rockstreams

  • World’s best IPTV service provider
  • Comprehensive tool for IPTV
  • Ultra-fast access to HD IPTV content
  • Live sports
  • Supports playlist history
  • Can play multicast streams

14. IP Television Player –  Best Android and iOS IPTV app

Bring streaming and on-demand television video to your devices with an IP Television player popularly known as IPTV. Available for both Android and iOS this app is very popular among other players. Using the best IPTV app, you can watch shows and TV channels in offline mode. On iOS it supports a variety of shows.

Features: IP Television Player

  • Provides EPG and IMDB guide
  • Fast video player
  • Supports M3U8 format
  • Simple copy paste option
  • Effective video player
  • Almost all the channels are available
  • On-demand streaming
  • Regularly updated

Install on iOS

Install on Android

15. Kodi – Best 4K and HD streaming IPTV app


An outstanding IPTV app that offers 4K live streaming and great sound quality. Using this app, you can add your content for watching HD quality. But to do all this, you will need to install certain add-ons and plugins.  To setup IPTV on Kodi you need to head to Kodi’s Settings > Add-ons > Install from repository > PVR clients > PVR IPTV Simple Client > Install > wait for the add-on to install. Click the add-on in question and configure it.

Features: Kodi

  • User-friendly app
  • Support OGG, AAC and MP3 files
  • Allows storing live TV channels
  • Add-ons are easily available
  • 4K content
  • Reliable service provider

16. Mobdro – Safe to use IPTV app


Like LiveNet TV Mobdro is also an amazing IPTV app. It offers similar features like Kodi, yet is different from Kodi. It is an exclusive Android application that offers a bunch of live broadcasts. The list of IPTV channels Mobdro offers is huge. It features premium sports channels, TV channels and movies. You can install it from the official site and start using it right away. Further, you can add a Show, movie, or Channel to the favorite list and can read sources of streams in different languages.

Features: Mobdro

  • Good number of live streaming content offered
  • Favorite list to add channel, shows, movies, etc
  • Can record a stream to watch later
  • Extensive search option
  • Made for touch devices
  • Best IPTV app for Android users
  • Offers different options like Language options, parental control, hardware coding, etc.
  • Free IPTV app

So, these are the best IPTV apps for both Android and iOS. Besides this, other noteworthy IPTV apps are:

IPTV Smarters Pro, TiviMate, IPTV, OTT Navigator, UKTVNow, VLC etc.


How To Install IPTV

IPTV services can be installed on almost any device. Generally, standalone .apk, .ipa files, or media centers like Kodi are used to install IPTV.

In addition to this, once you get registered for an IPTV service you receive an email with all the information about how to install and use the IPTV application.

Is IPTV safe to use?

This depends on the IPTV service in question. We recommend using a VPN when using a free IPTV application or a newly launched app. This is suggested to keep you safe from malicious activity as we do not know where these applications come from whey they are logging.

Is there a free IPTV?

Yes, there are free IPTV services but they can’t be trusted and they are full of ads.

Is IPTV Illegal?

Determining whether the IPTV service has a proper license or not is difficult. But if the content it is offering is too good to be true then it might be an illegal service.

With our comprehensive list of best IPTV apps for Android and iOS comes to an end. In addition to this if you are a Windows user you can even check out the list for best IPTV players for Windows. We would like to know which app you chose you use and why? Please leave a comment and share your valuable feedback.

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